Aura Reading & Healing

Fabrizio Unmukta Scopino

Aura Reading & Prana Energy Healing for Personal and Spiritual development:

Emotional Awareness and Healing

Health Enhancement 

Healing Relationships

Business growth

In Glastonbury (UK) and remotely worldwide by Skype/WhasApp/FaceTime

In English and Italian
0044 7707410217

Something about myself and my work:

I’m a passionate, spiritual and subtle energies seeker. About 22 years ago when I was a student of philosophy I met on my path the meditation and teachings of the indian Master Osho that opened the door of the energy world. A vision of life that changed completely my prospective, revealing to me something that I’ve always known since I was a child where I had many psychic and spiritual phenomena. In my work I use my experience and competence as an energy therapist (Prana Healer, Master Reiki and Metaphysical Energy Work) and my personal natural psychic skills in seeing and feeling the Aura and the dance of the energy among people. I also channel information helpful for the healing, awareness and spiritual growth. I work in the UK, in Italy and worldwide, running individual sessions of Aura Reading & Prana Energy Healing treatment in person or remotely. I also run workshops and events based on energy work and meditation. 

Over the last 20 years of Energy Therapy practice I've met hundreds of people, helping them and treating a huge range of situations such as serious health problems to psychological discomfort or relationships issues. I've also helped people professionally stimulating energetically their talents, helping them to be valued and expressed with the consciousness that the energy of our Aura attracts all situations that we live in our lives. In the same direction I've worked with companies helping their business to develop. Everything is made of energy and the energy vision of life is the key that opens many doors of the life, not just on our personal, physical or psychological level but also on our relationships and on a professional level. During these years of working with energy, I discovered that the distance doesn’t exist and I can help people anywhere in the world. Therefore, wherever you are at the moment, feel free to contact me to have information or to book an individual session.
May the energy of the universe bless you and your life.